Dream Chaser vs. Dream Receiver

Every year, we set goals for ourselves that we want to achieve in the new year. And every year, many of us are disappointed when we don’t reach those goals. If you didn’t set any new year’s resolution, don’t beat yourself up. It’s okay to not have New Year’s goals. You’re not necessarily lazy. This also doesn’t mean you're aren’t capable of accomplishing what you want in life. Chasing dreams does not automatically lead you to the life you want. One of the reasons why so many people don’t achieve their dreams is because they’re chasing after them instead of receiving them. You can’t attract what’s meant for you if you’re constantly chasing after it. Sometimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve things by a certain date that we forget to enjoy the journey.  Detach yourself from the outcome and live in the present moment. When you do this, you open yourself up to limitless possibilities. This is the true meaning of New Year’s – to start anew.

 I will say this time and time again, what's meant for you will find it's way to you. The sentiment "chasing your dreams," implies it is continually out of reach. Instead of spending this year chasing what you want, why not spend it attracting what you desire? 2023 is our “Jordan” Year. The year of “ballin out”, pushing new limits, and putting your best foot forward. This is the year to break the mold! I can feel it. And I know you can too.

Focus on attracting what’s meant for you. Be unapologetic for not chasing after what doesn’t belong to you. The term “Dream Chaser”  is not quite what we think. We often synonymously associate it with going after what we want in life for the greater good. However, I personally don’t want to be bothered with anything that doesn't want to be bothered with me. Reciprocation is key in all areas of my life. We both have to want things to work in our favor. The chasing days are over.

Often we set goals and jump the gate before actually considering what it is we truly want. We sometimes use what others are doing as a blueprint instead of allowing our dreams to come to us organically. When we are given a dream, it’s for us to receive not chase. Anything you chase will run. Choose to align yourself with your true destiny. Dedication, work and challenges from time to time may still occur but when your dream is genuinely given to you, you will pass every hurdle no matter how hard. Our dreams come with the tenacity needed to see them through. Your dreams are solely for you, they’re a gift. There’s no need to run and chase them down, they’re already yours. Trust that the universe will provide what you need, when you need it. 

Cheers to a happy and life-changing 2023!
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