• Mood By a Millennial CEO Pria Showalter Writing Sequel to Bestselling Book

    “The sequel will offer more along these lines,” Showalter says. “It goes back to the ideal behind the brand Mood By a Millennial – it’s about more than just individual achievement.

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  • Mood By a Millennial Launches Greeting Card Line

    With its contemporary designs, bold color palettes, and attention to detail, this brand has become a symbol of self-expression, individuality, and empowerment for millennials worldwide. As a haven for the

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  • Mood By a Millennial Now Offering Accessories

    “This marks an exciting milestone for our brand,” Showalter says. “It’s been a journey to get to this point but now that the company is really growing and expanding, it’s all paying off. I honestly feel that entrepreneurship,

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