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Mood By a Millennial Book

MOOD: “My dream job is no job. I just want to get paid for breathing.” 

A conversation piece from one sis to another. I am your co-pilot, homegirl, and sis wrapped all in one as you navigate the ghetto streets of adulthood. This is a self-help book created for millennials who aren’t a CEO or influencer. The tone of the book is not to give cliche advice. It was not made to overwhelm readers, or appear

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  • Relatable

    "If you don't already have a copy, purchase yours now! So many relatable life lessons and encouraging words. A fresh take on today's world"

    - Megan Lawrence

  • Inspiring

    "This book was just what I needed! Authentic, entertaining and inspiring. A fun read, I especially loved the playlists."

    - Blaire Jones

  • Helpful

    "The Power Plays section helped me set boundaries in my relationship. I wish I had this book when I was in college. I would definitely read again."

    -Courtney Smith

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