Giving You The "Real" on Reels

In this day and age social media is prime real estate to do whatever you want when you want and possibly monetize it (if that's what you're interested in doing.) With decent equipment (all your ass really need is an iPhone /tripod), a creative mind, and a F**k It attitude to others opinions you are capable of creating magic on this very screen. With its short and sweet yet alluring format, reels can be a great way to engage with followers, increase sales or just provide a good ole Keke for someone in need. The best part about it, your ideas are endless and most importantly free.99! If you’re naturally a creative reels are more than likely a breeze for you but those who aren’t I have a few tips that may help.

1. Get out of your head - don’t think too hard about it. This is not a college midterm.

2. Use your everyday life for content- you would be surprised how funny or interesting or maybe informative your day to do may be. You’re doing it anyway whip that damn camera out and get to capturing.

3. Keep it 30 sec or less (when possible) yal already know people’s attention span short as hell. If opting for a longer video for maybe cooking, or a behind the scenes vlog of a launch keep the audio engaging to keep people’s interest.

4. Learn editing with beginner friendly apps- I know editing be busting some of yal ass but with vision and patience it’s quite easy to do. Envision how you want it to look before diving in. This helps for a smoother process. Be bold and play with as many graphics / special effects. Razzle and dazzle our ass!

5. Have fun-let your personality shine through. It’s not that deep. Don’t worry about peoples opinion. Shit may get cringey sometimes 😂 but the more unhinged the better (sometimes. ) idk about you but I love to be entertained. Keep it light ✨You Got This.

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