Preparing For Your Harvest: The Wait, The Worry, The Win

Harvest season is a time of abundance, when the hard work of planting and nurturing crops finally pays off. We eagerly await the moment when we can reap the fruits of our labor. However, this period is not without its challenges and uncertainties.  Often anything worth having takes patience. Just because we decide we want something does not mean it instantly happens. However, don't let that deter you. Read on for tips to help you navigate through your new season.

What are the worries during   harvest season?

As the harvest season approaches, we may find ourselves filled with worries. Will the plan work? Will it be sustainable? Will there be enough supporters? These concerns can cause anxiety and sleepless nights for those who depend on their dreams for their livelihood.

How does the wait add to the anticipation?

The wait for the harvest can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. It's a time of anticipation, as we eagerly watch our plans develop from a mere thought in our brain to something we can see and touch. Each day brings you closer to the moment when you can finally taste the fruits of your labor. The wait can feel long and never-ending, but it also adds to the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when the harvest finally arrives.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat. While on your new journey sustain yourself while your fruit forms. With water and a little nurturing you're bound to grow. Keep other things in motion to keep you afloat while you grow. Having a dream and having other means in play doesn't always mean you lack faith it will happen. It is just simply a way to keep you nourished  to operate with a sound mind. With a sound mind we are least likely to operate out of desperation ,lie and cheat, or make decisions not rooted in our core authenticity.

What are the rewards of the harvest season?

After all the worries and the wait, the rewards of the harvest season are truly sweet. You get to enjoy the bountiful abundance of the life you created. The rewards extend beyond the physical harvest, as the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment can be deeply satisfying.

Harvest season is a time of mixed emotions. It brings worries and uncertainties, but also anticipation and rewards. It is a reminder of the cycles of nature and the hard work that goes into producing greatness. Take a chance on yourself, go out on a limb (that's where the fruit is lol) but don't starve yourselves in the process of growing your harvest. Enjoy the process and learn from it. The next time you embark on a new season of growing your harvest , take a moment to appreciate how you got through in the past. Know you're capable of growing an immeasurable amount of success with patience, a plan and purpose.

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