Working Out When You Are Over 30

I will say it time and time again. There is power in the tongue. When asked how I planned to stay healthy and in shape, I always joked around when I was younger stating," I will begin working out once I am in my 30's." Fast forward years later and 30's arrived before I knew it. The responsibility to exercise came over me heavy. When I would tell people my target age for working out, it was always a joke. I never planned to actually do it. But low and behold here we are.

One of the main things needed to get on a path to health and wellness is " The Right Mindset." Anything that starts in your head can be turned into your reality. If you're looking to get started in your fitness journey for your overall well being, read on for tips to get you through!

1. Commit Mentally First- Visualize yourself exercising before you even do one mile on the treadmill or crunch. Focus on the benefits that will come from it. Tell yourself you are capable of seeing it through until it becomes your truth.

2. Find An Outlet That Matches Your Personality- There's different methods to burn calories. Going the traditional route of getting a gym membership may not be for you. Consider signing up for a dance class, boxing, peloton or step class to get you in the groove of things. Often the best workouts are when you are preoccupied with something you enjoy doing. This will make exercising fly by.

3. Pace Yourself- You would be surprised how many people will allow others to push them past their limit. Start out slow and work your way up. If you feel uncomfortable, speak up. Create a schedule that works for you. Whether it be 2 times a week at 30 minute interval, or 4 times a week at 1 hour interval. We all have to start somewhere. Don't nobody have time to go to the hospital if you can avoid it.

4. Look at Yourself in the Mirror Naked Regularly- This can go either way. Your body will look so bad it gives you the push needed to get things going, OR you  love the results you're seeing so much it motivates you to keep going.

5. Embrace it as a Means to Be Able to Still Have Your Guilty Pleasures- Being active burning calories is a way to keep deprivation at bay. Dieting isn't for everyone. Working out ensures we still can have our guilty pleasures in moderation. It's all about balance.

Whether you choose to incorporate fitness into your routine, is totally up to you. If and when you decide to, be sure to peek back at this message to give you an extra boost when needed.




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